Global education monitoring report 2020: gender report, A new generation: 25 years of efforts for gender equality in education

Organisation(s): Global Education Monitoring Report Team

Publisher(s): UNESCO

Date: 2020

Pages: 84 p.


The 2020 Gender Report monitors progress towards gender parity and equality in education from early childhood to adulthood. It showcases major advances but also cases of stagnation or regression. It draws attention to good policies and practices to protect the right to education for all but also to areas that need attention in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, a visionary agenda for the empowerment of women, adopted in 1995 by 189 governments, the Report reviews the intergenerational mobility of education attainment. It assesses the implementation of selected strategies agreed in Beijing, informed by country case studies on early pregnancy, school counselling, teaching and learning materials, women in teaching, management and leadership positions, and school-related gender-based violence. Fed by this overview of progress toward gender equality in and through education over the past 25 years, the analysis highlights that not all have benefited, and many are still left behind, especially when gender intersects with other characteristics, such as poverty, location, ethnicity or disability. Policy-oriented recommendations are aimed at guiding those working on a new text, to be determined at the Generation Equality Forum in 2021, that could replace the Beijing Declaration for the next generation of girls and women.

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