Global citizenship education: topics and learning objectives

Other title(s): Educação para a cidadania global: tópicos e objetivos de aprendizagem; Undervisning i globalt medborgerskab: temaer og læringsmål; Educazione alla cittadinanza globale: temi e obiettivi di apprendimento; Izobraževanje za globalno državljanstvo: teme in ucni cilji

Organisation(s): UNESCO

Date: 2015

Pages: 74 p.

Global citizenship education aims to be transformative, building the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes to enable learners to contribute to a more inclusive, just and peaceful world. This publication, titled Global Citizenship Education: Topics and learning objectives, is the first pedagogical guidance from UNESCO on Global Citizenship Education. It presents suggestions for translating Global Citizenship Education concepts into practical and age-specific topics and learning objectives in a way that allows for adaptation to local contexts. It is intended as a resource for educators, curriculum developers, trainers as well as policy-makers, but it will also be useful for other education stakeholders working in non-formal and informal settings.

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