Establishing a framework for evaluation and teacher incentives: considerations for Mexico

Organisation(s): OECD

Date: 2011

Pages: 122 p.


In this era of knowledge-based economies and changing demographics, all educational systems must improve their learning outcomes and often also deliver more with less. In order to assist Mexico and other countries in addressing this challenge, this report provides advice for designing, planning, implementing and evaluating policies and practices on educational assessment, standards and evaluation, drawing on the world’s best available expertise. Considering that the quality of educational outcomes cannot exceed the quality of its teachers, the report puts particular emphasis on evaluating and recognising teachers. Effective implementation of educational reforms can, however, prove challenging. Merely knowing what policy levers to apply is not enough. Governments also need to determine the “how” of effective policy design and implementation. The report therefore also provides advice for policy makers to analyse and adapt best practices to make them appropriate in local contexts.

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