Enhancing young Hispanic dual language learners' achievement: exploring strategies and addressing challenges

Author(s): Tazi, Zoila; Ackerman, Debra J.

Organisation(s): Educational Testing Service (USA)

Date: 2015

Pages: 39 p.

Serie: Policy Information Report, ETS Research Report Series

Series Volume: RR-15-01


Dual language learners, or DLLs, may have greater school readiness needs due to the key role English oral language skills play in the development of emerging literacy skills in English and their overall academic achievement. This especially can be the case if children's capacity to benefit from classroom instruction and interact with teachers and fellow students is dependent on their English language proficiency. This policy report examines key factors contributing to young Hispanic DLLs academically at-risk status, as well as the emerging research base on strategies for supporting the learning and development of DLLs in preschool and the early primary grades. Also addressed are the practical, on-the-ground implementation challenges to be addressed if early education programs are to incorporate these strategies.

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