Enhancing Education Quality Project EEQP: annual report 2009 and annual plan 2010 planning period Jan 2010 to December 2010

This Annual Plan and Report contains the achievements within 2009 period, the plans, strategies and budgets for the next 12 months of the project from January 2010 to December 2010. Included in the Plan is the recognition of changes such as the delay in the gender mainstreaming policy dissemination and reassigning of the gender adviser to other activities and for the replacement of some staff. A Total commitment of approximately USD 8.25 million to December 2010 to be allocated in 2010 financial period on capacity building activities, procurement of equipment and materials, scholarships, and training programs. Six (6) additional USS Learning Centers, and four (4) TTC Learning Ceners will be tendered within the 2010 planning period The EEQP will field a Total of 53 consultants during the January 2010 to 30 December 2010 period. Appendix 1 describes the host institutions and the consultants to undertake development work in 2010 The plan provides guidelines and strategies for each input and the Consultancy Support and a workplan for the 2010 period. Team will work to provide the support necessary to coordinate the interaction and integration of the EEQP outputs. The plan places a heavy emphasis on capacity building and this requires the commitment of departmental staff to work with the consultants to achieve the outputs and in so doing gain confidence and skills to further extend the reach of the EEQP. Experience to date suggests that capacity building remains a major challenge and will require the support of all members of MoEYS to achieve these far reaching development objectives.

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Cambodia. Ministry of Education
97 p.
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