Effect of classroom climate and parental awareness on academic achievement of secondary school students

Author(s): Dwivedi, Ramesh Dhar

Organisation(s): National Council of Educational Research and Training (India)

Date: 2011

Pages: p. 75-84


The success of school life is judged by academic achievement of the student.
Achievement depends on a number of factors like learner’s ability, personality,
intelligence, socio-economic conditions as well as environment of school, classroom
and home. The feelings and emotions being shaped in a particular climate of a
particular classroom is the basic source of motivation to learn something. The physical
structure of classroom as well as interaction between student and teacher constitute
classroom climate which shape the educational attainment of the child and if students
feel themselves tense and hostile they may be led to poor learning. Similarly the
students whose parents show keen interest in their studies achieve better in exams
than the students whose parents show less interest in their studies. Besides the
classroom climate and parental awareness it was also observed that location of the
school has an important influence on achievement and students of urban area have
an edge over the students of rural area in their academic achievement.

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