Education, the science of learning, and the COVID-19 crisis

Author(s): Thomas, Michael S.C.; Rogers, Cathy

Date: 2020

Pages: p. 87-90

Serie: Prospects

Series Volume: 49 (2020)


In the COVID-19 crisis, the science of learning has two different responsibilities: first, to offer guidance about how best to deal with the impact of the current situation, including lockdown and home-schooling; and second, to consider bigger questions about what this large-scale educational experiment might mean for the future. The first part of this Viewpoint summarises advice for parents on mental health, and on becoming stand-in-teachers. The second part, taking the longer view, considers the potential negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis in increasing inequality in education; but also the potential positive impact of driving innovations in technology use for educating children.

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