Education in Pakistan: what works and why

Other title(s): Education in Pakistan: what works and why

Organisation(s): Campaign for Quality Education (Pakistan)

Date: 2007

Pages: 48 p.


Over the past two years, a diverse group of concerned educators in Pakistan has attempted to highlight the issues of quality education by studying some of the better schools and school systems catering to low-income groups. The central assumptions in this study, titled Education in Pakistan: What Works and Why, were: that it was possible to find good schools in almost all districts of Pakistan; that these schools existed in both public and private sectors; that it was possible to learn what worked and why from such schools. An important aspect of the study was a shift in emphasis from an overwhelming number of doomsday descriptions for education in Pakistan toward a search for the positive that would connect with possibilities of reform. In addition to this, the study aims to help inform policymaking by providing actionable recommendations.

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