Education in a multilingual world: UNESCO education position paper

Organisation(s): UNESCO

Date: 2003

Pages: 35 p.

This position paper is divided into three separate parts. In Part I, we presentthe key concepts that are used in relation to multilingual education. The aimis to clarify a set of meanings and terms used in relation to languages andeducation. In Part II, we present a synthesis of the normative framework forlanguages and education based, firstly, on an analysis of United Nationsstandard-setting instruments; secondly, on a discussion of specific UNESCOconventions and declarations make reference to issues of language andculture; and, thirdly, on the outcomes and recommendations of internationalconferences related directly or indirectly to issues of language and education.Part III of the position paper provides a synthesis of the many discussions andagreements on language issues that have been adopted under the auspices ofboth the United Nations and UNESCO. These are placed within a set of guide-lines and principles with the objective of making UNESCO’s position clear andgiving them a wider distribution in a more accessible format.

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