Each child learning, every student a graduate: a bold vision for lifelong learning beyond 2015

Organisation(s): Basic Education Coalition (USA)

Date: 2013

Pages: 15 p.


The Basic Education Coalition (BEC) is a group of 18 U.S.-based global development and humanitarian aid organizations committed to bringing quality basic education to each child. The recommendations reflect a broad consensus among BEC members. The proposal is based upon the central belief that all children and youth throughout the world deserve the chance to learn how to read, do math, develop critical thinking, and acquire important life skills. The proposal’s central goal is that by 2030, all children and youth should complete primary and lower secondary education which enables them to meet measurable learning standards and acquire relevant skills so they may become responsible, productive members of society. Progress toward this goal would be tracked by four indicators: • pre-primary/early childhood care and education programmes • Completion of primary and lower secondary education, including non-formal education • Adult literacy rates, and rates of continuing education and training • Standards-based national education plans and policies which track and measure learning outcomes, skills acquisition, and the delivery of education services.

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