Developing strategic plans for an aligned approach to 21st century skills integration

Author(s): Scoular, Claire; Teo, Ian

Organisation(s): Australian Council for Educational Research

Publisher(s): Australian Council for Educational Research

Date: 2021

Pages: 21 p.


The integration of 21st Century Skills (21CS) in education systems has been identified as a key area of interest for policymakers. This fully integrated approach requires alignment at a systems level, and should encompass curricular, assessment, and pedagogical (i.e., teaching and learning) components. Many countries are seeking viable options for skills integration in education systems. The online course described in this report addresses the extent to which 21CS can be sustainably and fully mainstreamed and integrated into education systems. While different countries may have their own frameworks or priorities surrounding 21CS, a consistent approach to integration can still be achieved with a shared understanding from all stakeholders within the system. 21CS are those skills that are considered particularly important to succeed in today’s knowledge-based society in which innovation and technology are predominant. Prominent examples include critical thinking, creative thinking, and collaboration, and such skills need to be better understood in order for them to be integrated. There is acknowledgement that traditional approaches to curriculum, assessment, and pedagogy might not be sufficient for monitoring these skills and, as such, innovative methods and technologies need to be employed.

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