Blended instruction

Author(s): Jia, Yueming; Lorentson, Mhora; Sibuma, Bernadette; LaBanca, Frank; Snellback, Margot; Joo Oh, Youn

Organisation(s): Education Connection (USA); Education Development Center (USA); Nellie Mae Education Foundation (USA)

Date: 2015

Pages: 29 + 10 p.

Digital technology is here to stay, with new tools and media for learning finding their way into schools and young people’s lives each year. But even as interest in technology-enhanced instruction grows, many educators struggle with how to use technology in ways that promote student engagement and achievement. One promising approach, blended instruction, combines web-based learning with face-to-face classroom interaction. In this report, Connecticut-based nonprofit EDUCATION CONNECTION finds that when blended learning is implemented in a student-centered fashion, students form strong, technology-enhanced connections with peers and teachers, and become more self-directed and confident learners.

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