Are our teachers qualified and motivated to teach? A research report on teachers' qualifications, motivation and commitment to teach and their implications on quality education

Teachers are invaluable in the provision of quality education. The quality of education is directly related to the quality of teaching and learning. There are many factors that contribute to excellent teaching and quality education, including the qualifications and experience of the teachers, their commitment, their motivation, their feelings about their profession and their working environment. Studies show that when teachers are committed and motivated, students also have motivation to learn the skills taught by their teachers more effectively. Poor performance in secondary education has inspired a wide debate among communities in Tanzania as to the factors of learner outcomes. This situation triggered HakiElimu to conduct the enclosed research study on teachers' qualifications, motivation and their willingness to work and their implications on the provision of quality education. This publication informs the public on the results of the survey, which include the views, opinions and suggestions of citizens about how to improve teacher qualifications and education in our country as a whole. We urge citizens, the government and education lovers to support us by reading this report and taking action wherever they are.

Mkumbo, Kitila
HakiElimu (Tanzania UR)
University of Dar es Salaam
34 p.
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Quality of education
Teacher education
Conditions of employment for teachers
Teacher improvement
Tanzania UR

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