Annual research digest 2017-2018: evidence from the developing world

Author(s): Crawfurd, Lee; Bruns, Barbara; Carano, Celeste; Das, Jishnu; Eyakuze, Aidan; Hares, Susannah; Pritchett, Lant; Sithole, Nomthandazo

Organisation(s): Centre for Education Economics (UK)

Date: 2018

Pages: 53 p.


“Developing” countries (those below the $12,000 per capita income threshold for rich countries) make up 36 per cent of the world economy, but 83 per cent of world population, and 87 per cent of the world’s school pupils. Identifying and tackling the matrix of factors that contribute to the massive waste of human and social capital implicit in these figures is one of the great reform challenges of our times.

In this year’s CfEE Annual Research Digest, edited by CfEE fellow Lee Crawfurd (strategic advisor to the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change), leading thinkers on global education highlight the scale and intractability of the global learning crisis and where reform initiatives have brought benefits.

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