A world ready to learn: prioritizing quality early childhood education; advocacy brief

Author(s): Borisova, Ivelina; Prouty, Robert; Lin, Hsiao-Chen; Kelly, Daniel; Strecker, Morgan; Le Mottee, Sherri

Organisation(s): UNICEF

Publisher(s): UNICEF

Date: 2019

Pages: 43 p.

UNICEF’s first global report on pre-primary education presents a comprehensive analysis of the status of early childhood education worldwide. It also outlines a set of practical recommendations for governments and partners to make quality pre-primary education universal and routine. Noting that at least 175 million children – 50 per cent of the world’s pre-primary-age population – are not enrolled in pre-primary programmes, the report urges governments to commit at least 10 per cent of their national education budgets to scale them up. Such funding should be invested in pre-primary teachers, quality standards and equitable expansion, the report states. This advocacy brief summarizes the report’s key findings and its call to action for governments, donors and partners to invest in pre-primary education.

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