A School evaluation policy with a dual character: evaluating the school evaluation policy in Hong Kong from the perspective of curriculum leaders

Author(s): Yeung, Sze Yin Shirley

Date: 2012

Pages: p. 37-68


This article reports research conducted recently into evaluation policy. The research comprises two parts: a questionnaire survey and qualitative interviews. Drawing from data collected in a survey of 65 curriculum leaders and interviews with 12 from the group, the article discusses how school evaluation policy functions to help make schools accountable to the community. This article reports findings from the study, which include the purposes, features and impacts of the policy as perceived by the curriculum leaders; and the strategies adopted by school teachers to deal with the evaluation procedures. It is found that the school evaluation policy has 'dual characters'. The article then discusses the problems that may arise if the authorities fails to strike a balance between these dual characters, and instead puts too much emphasis on school effectiveness. It highlights the potential problems of excessive reliance on bureaucratic accountability and market-oriented accountability.

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