A middle tier space to support a high-performing school system in Shanghai

Author(s): Chimier, Chloé; Fasana, Guglielmo; Tournier, Barbara

Organisation(s): UNESCO IIEP; Education Development Trust (UK)

Publisher(s): UNESCO IIEP

Date: 2023

Pages: 6 p.

Serie: Country note: Instructional leaders at the middle tier

Series Volume: 4


As part of its project on instructional leaders at the middle tier, IIEP and EDT conducted case studies in five jurisdictions, exploring the professional practices and perceived impacts of instructional leaders and the enabling factors present in the systems in which they work. Those studies and their takeaways are summarized in this series of short country notes. This country note uncovers how the middle-tier structure in Shanghai evolved into a mature system contributing to the outstanding results in international learning assessments.

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