2022 LEAP Challenge: LEAP final deliverable(s)

Author(s): Eaton Buzaid, Annelise; Fong, Tsz Man (Bethany); Mörsdorf, Lea; Trudell, Barbara

Organisation(s): VVOB - education for development

Date: 2023

Pages: 37 p.


VVOB and the Ministry of Education in Rwanda are collaborating to institutionalize continuous professional development (CPD) for school leaders. The effective school leadership professional development programme aims to improve school leadership competences and practices among headteachers and ultimately the quality of teacher performance, and student learning outcomes. School leadership capacity-building programmes in the global North have been found to be effective in boosting student learning gains; but few programmes in sub-Saharan Africa have focussed on enhancing school leadership and its impact on student learning outcomes (Sampat et al., 2020). Through the LEAP project, the ministry and VVOB are aspiring to better understand and measure programmatic impact of school leadership CPD on teachers and students. This document presents a conceptual framework, evaluation plan, and data collection plan to inform and facilitate research studies that connect effective professional development of school leaders with improved student learning outcomes. This in turn will facilitate scaling and institutionalisation of school leadership support in Rwanda. Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote change (LEAP) is an initiative by the Jacobs Foundation and MIT Solve that brings together researchers, social entrepreneurs, and education ventures to advance evidence-based learning solutions that help children thrive.

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