School surveys


This type of survey can provide information not normally collected in the annual (or bi-annual) questionnaires sent out by the education ministry. The needed information varies depending on the educational level. In primary, where teachers usually take their class for all subjects, and where nearly all school premises are given over to general instruction, fairly little information is required. In secondary education, where each teacher is specialised, and, in addition to general-academic classrooms there are diverse specialised rooms (laboratories, workshops, etc.), much more information is required.

example of use

Household and school surveys indicate that financial contributions to schools, and related expenditures, can represent a large fraction of household expenses (Table 4.7). In Panama, for instance, 7.7% of household total annual expenditure is spent on education while in Nicaragua and Tajikistan the share is 5.5% (UNESCO, 2008: 151).

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