Pre-vocational education


Pre-vocational or pre-technical education programmes are mainly designed to introduce participants to the world of work and to prepare them for entry into further vocational or technical education programmes. Successful completion of such programmes does not lead to a vocational or technical qualification that is directly relevant to the labour market. For a programme to be considered as pre-vocational or pretechnical education, at least 25% of its content has to be vocational or technical. (OECD, 2013: 266)

example of use

Adolescents who are unable to get an apprenticeship receive pre-vocational training to improve preparedness for the workplace. These programmes last one year, with the intention of increasing the student’s interest in a particular field, and providing them with some of the general vocational skills needed to get into that field. The aim of these programmes is to attain a standard apprenticeship after the one-year programme (Gebhardt, Tretter, Schwab, and Gasteiger-Klicpera, 2011).

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