Parent teacher associations (PTA)


Non-profit entity that consists of learners’ parents (or their legal guardians), teachers and other administrative school staff. The aim of a PTA is usually to promote participation of parents (or guardians) in school-level decision making and sponsor or facilitate fundraising initiatives for supplemental educational materials.

example of use

As has already been noted, teachers themselves must undergo a learning process if they are to be successful in teaching about HIV/ AIDS and sexual health. Given the scale of the problem, this can be effected only within the school. Hence the school becomes a centre for the dissemination of messages about HIV/AIDS, not merely for its students but also for its staff. There is no reason why the process should stop there. Industry invests considerable resources, mostly by way of staff time, in educating its staff about the disease. Schools could learn from this, extending their educational services in this domain to non-teaching staff, to the families of teachers and other school staff, and ultimately to the members of parent-teacher associations and their dependants (Kelly, 2000: 85).

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