Intake rate, gross (GIR)


Total number of new entrants to a given grade of primary education, regardless of age,expressed as a percentage of the population at theofficial school entrance age for that grade.

UNESCO. Education for All by 2015: will we make it? EFA global monitoring report, 2008. Paris: UNESCO, 2008.

(NB: In some countries the term admission rate is used.)

example of use

Gross intake to the last grade in Senegal was higher, at 63% in 2011, showing that it can overestimate progress towards completion. An indicator in the spirit of the expected cohort completion rate provides a more accurate picture of completion, and so is more appropriate for measuring progress towards post-2015 goals (UNESCO, 2014: 58).

UNESCO. Teaching and learning: achieving quality for all; EFA global monitoring report, 2013-2014. Paris: UNESCO, 2014.

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