In-service teacher training


The process by which teachers engage in further education or training to refresh or upgrade their professional knowledge, skills and practices in the course of their employment.

UNESCO. 2019. Teacher Policy Development Guide. Paris: UNESCO.

Example of use

The existence of diverse teacher education partners, when well regulated and monitored, may contribute to the development of stronger teacher education methodologies and pedagogical methods throughout a national teacher education system. In Mozambique, for example, 11 teacher training colleges run by ADPP Mozambique, a national non-governmental organization that is a member of the Humana People to People Federation, function alongside a network of state-run teacher training institutions (Humana People to People, 2013). They teach the same curriculum, and trainees take a common examination; the ADPP-run institutions are widely considered to have had a positive impact on the teacher education training methods employed by the state-run institutions ( UNESCO, 2019: 56)

UNESCO. 2019. Teacher Policy Development Guide. Paris: UNESCO.