Global utilization rate


Calculates the utilisation rate of premises in an attempt to maximise use. G.U.R. = G.U.R. X S.U.R. = [(number of instructional periods taught/theoretical number of periods) x (average number of pupils per class/classroom capacity)] x 100. The overall utilisation rate (OUR) combines both the time utilisation rate and the space utilisation rate The higher the rate, the greater the utilisation of the premises.

example of use

If the school-age population moves closer to the city center and to employment centers (reverse sprawl movement), due to increasing gas price, centrally located schools will experience rapid enrollment growth and a pressing need for capacity expansion, while schools located in the periphery will tend to have a lower-than-one utilization rate (Delmelle, Thill, Peeters and Thomas, 2014: 24).

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