Enrolment growth ratio


The enrolment growth rate is expressed as a percentage of the difference in enrolment between two dates or two periods of time. If ‘N1’ is a first total enrolment for a given period (P1) and ‘N2’ is another total enrolment for another given period later in time (P2), then the enrolment growth rate is ‘(N2 –N1)/N1*100’.

example of use

Aggressive expansion policy designed to raise the country’s insignificant tertiary enrolment ratio to more respectable levels is producing results. Total tertiary enrolments in universities and nonuniversity tertiary institutions, both public and private, surged from 43,843 in 1997–98 to 147,954 in 2002–03 (Ministry of Education 1998, 2003), more than tripling in just five years. The annual enrolment growth rate of 28 per cent was possibly the highest in the world during this period. Private provision of tertiary education has been permitted by the government as a key component of this expansion strategy, and private tertiary institutions now host 24 per cent of all tertiary students (Ministry of Education 2003: 7) (Saint, 2004: 85).

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