Educational policy


Official statements of goals to which the system of education is directed. 

example of use

Lack of capacity is a major constraint to the development of education in South Sudan. UNICEF has helped provide education there since 1994 and is now supporting the development of a comprehensive national education policy and strategic plan for the government of the new Republic of South Sudan (Sigsgaard, 2013: 4). , The effective use of ICTs in colleges and tertiary institutions is essential if SIDS are to survive and prosper in the rapidly globalizing knowledge societies. Ministries of education need to ensure that active and effective ICTs in education policies are developed and implemented. This will require adequate resourcing; change in curriculum in education and in teacher training; the development of capabilities in ministries of education in ICT management; the establishment of ‘schoolnets’ to pool resources and improve access; and effective networking regionally and internationally where very significant developments are taking place (Chandra, 2010: 5).