Differentiated teaching


Differentiated teaching is an attempt to address the needs of individuals in pursuit of both common and individual goals. In the context of classroom teaching, adaptation takes two paths (a) adapting instruction to student differences, and (b) adapting students to the instruction (Corno and Snow, 1986: 619).

example of use

The ‘flexible integration’ model is typified by high attainment levels, big differences in student scores and scores substantially influenced by social background. This system is quite flexible: it involves groups within classes in primary education, relatively flexible class-based or other forms of ability grouping (often by subject) in secondary education, and frequent use of differentiated teaching. According to Mons, this is why it manages to raise the attainment of the least able students to quite a high level, while still offering excellent provision to the strongest (Dupriez, 2010: 77).

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