Career counselling


A largely verbal process in which a counsellor and counsellee(s) are in a dynamic and collaborative relationship, focused on identifying and acting on the counselee’s goals, in which the counsellor employs a repertoire of diverse techniques and processes, to help bring about self-understanding, understanding of behavioural options available, and informed decisionmaking in the counsellee, who has the responsibility for his or her own actions (UNESCO, 2002: 5).

example of use

Similarly, GTZ has completed the screening of the indicators used by a number of German TVSD programmes, in the context of development cooperation (Castañer et al., 2007). One such indicator relates to the views of employers on preparedness of trainees and appropriateness of training contents (also measured by the time needed to get new employees ‘operational’); another relates to youths’ (or parents’) views on information received about the labour market and career counselling, after a certain period of time (King and Palmer, 2010: 91)

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