Admission age


[The] age at which children are supposed to start school […]. However, not only does the age requirement vary from one country to another, but so does the way in which the authorities respond to the requirements.

example of use

A necessary pre-condition for reaching UPE is to have all children of school admission age entering school. While policies adopted since Dakar have brought about major progress in access to schooling, school systems have not always been able to retain the large flow of new entrants, making achievement of universal primary enrolment and completion difficult (UNESCO, 2008: 53). , If, for example, primary education comprises five years of schooling and the official age of admission is six years, the gross enrolment rate in primary education is equal to the total number of pupils in primary education divided by the total 6 to 10-year-old population (Châu, 2003: 33).