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‘Towards a global framework for measuring learning?’

This participatory online event will explore the extent to which current learning assessments meet the needs for monitoring learning out­comes around the world.

The new Sustainable Development Goals aim to ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all by 2030. It also entails free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education that will lead to relevant and effective learning outcomes for all girls and boys. It is vital that a framework is in place to monitor the achievement of these goals.

To help advance this discussion, the portal will host an e-Forum from 16-27 November 2015. Entitled ‘Inclusive and equitable quality education for all: Towards a global framework for measuring learning?’ this par­ticipatory online event will explore the extent to which current learning assessments meet the needs for monitoring learning outcomes in dif­ferent regions and education systems across the world.

Participants will be invited to contribute and engage with expert moderators and guests on the following questions:

  • What are the advantages and challenges of existing international learning assessments?
  • How can existing international assessments (e.g. PISA for Development, TIMSS Numeracy and PIRLS Literacy) be made relevant for countries?
  • What are the advantages of using regional approaches (e.g. SACMEQ, Pasec, LLECE) to assess learning outcomes?
  • How can national assessments and exams be designed to give feedback to pupils, teachers and schools on the quality of learning?
  • How could international tests be used as a supplement to national assessment systems?
  • How to ensure that every country has the necessary competence and capacity to develop and implement a comprehensive framework for learning assessment?

Theme 1 background resources: Large-scale international assessments -- one size fits all?

Theme 2 background resources: National assessments for learning outcomes -- how can they stimulate improved learning?

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