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Six things to know about how to build a learning generation

Boys at school

Boys at school

Six things to know about how to build a learning generation

The International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity (The Education Commission) says it is possible to get all children learning within one generation.


Their report titled “The Learning Generation: Investing in education for a changing world” was launched on 18 September this year, and here are our top six points of interest:

1.   The report sets out a plan under which the 1.3 billion children in low and middle-income countries can in the future attain at minimum the same level of basic skills achieved by children in high-income countries today.

2.   The Commission calls this the Financing Compact for a Learning Generation. This plan supports their vision for the largest expansion of educational opportunity in history.

3.    The Commission calls on developing countries to invest and reform in order to get all children into school and learning. International leaders must also stand ready to offer the increased finance and leadership necessary to support national governments in transforming education.

4.   Accountability is needed across the board to ensure access to quality education. The Commission calls for a transparent framework for monitoring and accountability that will outline which governments are living up to their responsibilities.

5.  While many education systems today are focused on the management and regulation of inputs, like finances, buildings, teachers, and textbooks, the Commission encourages a shift towards emphasizing the management of outcomes.

6.  Teacher demand is on the increase. Between 2015 and 2030, the demand for teachers in lower-middle income countries is projected to rise by 25 percent, and in low-income countries, it will nearly double. Governments must therefore significantly increase their investment in the recruitment, training, and retention of teachers.


The Education Commission guidelines to improve learning

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Executive Summary available here

Launch of the Education Commission report: how to finance the Learning Generation

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