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Written on 01 May 17 by Estuardo Pineda

Magazine supporting teacher training containing good education experiences and practices to share.

AB-sé is an educational magazine produced and published every quarter by the Fundación Empresarial para el Desarrollo Educativo (FEPADE). Its aim is to support the work carried out by teachers and headteachers in schools. Its content is produced with contributions from teachers, headteachers and education experts wishing to share their education experiences and specialist knowledge in the area.

AB-sé was created in 1998 as part of the "Support for Educational Reform" project funded by USAID in El Salvador. Its aim was to help improve the training of in-service teachers. Since 2000, when USAID's financial contribution ended, FEPADE has continued to produce and distribute the magazine with the priority goal of improving the quality of educational processes in classrooms.

What does the magazine aim to achieve?

AB-sé's aim is to contribute towards the continuous professional development of teachers and headteachers by promoting the publication of modern innovations and current methodological focuses. At the same time, the magazine seeks to motivate education professionals to reflect on their education practices, to systematize their experiences, to write them down and to share them with other colleagues who read the magazine.

The articles in the magazine come principally from education experiences which are the result of creativity and innovation in the classroom. The content includes active methodologies such as projects, investigations, resolution of problems and experimentation in the classroom or in schools and the surrounding area. The magazine also includes innovative proposals which focus on diversity and integration of cross-disciplinary themes in learning processes (human rights, consumer education, population education and others). A main feature of the magazine are the initiatives that tackle specific problems affecting schools, how the educational community has resolved them and what lessons were learned.

The magazine consists of 24 pages printed in colour with the following sections:


  • Editorial
  • Teaching practices (pedagogical or didactic practices)
  • Main article
  • The heart of the classroom (practices associated with the theme of the main article)
  • Teaching/learning experiences
  • School management (management experiences)
  • Friends of the environment.

What is the current coverage of the magazine?

AB-sé is currently distributed in both printed and digital format. In its printed format, 1,000 copies are distributed every quarter via the Ministry of Education and 4,000 copies are distributed to the direct beneficiaries of FEPADE's training programmes; beneficiaries of the FEPADE National Book Campaign; network of AB-sé teachers; universities; NGOs and international agencies.

The digital format of the magazine is available on FEPADE's website, at Academia, Emagister (teaching documents) and elsewhere. The digital version has extended the magazine's coverage on an international level insofar as it has been downloaded from the above sites by people in virtually the whole of Latin America as well as Spain, Canada and the United States.

What have been the magazine's results?

Since 1998, a total of 46 issues have been published with more than 197 education-related articles. The magazine has achieved recognition from the teaching profession and is in great demand. Teachers use the magazine for self-training and to run study circles in their education centres. One of the greatest impacts is that teachers learn from others and teach others (peer instruction): teachers adapt experiences published in the magazine to the context of their education centres. More and more teachers are becoming interested in publishing their education experiences in the magazine.


Estuardo Pineda

FEPADE/AB-sé Magazine