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Plan for learning infographic

Plan for learning infographic


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Helping planners make sense of the evidence on quality education.

The Learning Portal provides a public space that brings together debates, information, and evaluation of learning interventions, implementation experiences, assessment options, and relevant research from throughout the world.

The design of educational policies all over the world is influenced more by political and economic forces than by educational rationales. Yet information, particularly quality information, in the hands of the right people at the right time, can increase the influence of educational arguments and build the support of political and economic forces. The Learning Portal aims to address all three pillars of education policy-making – political, economic, and educational forces – by improving the quality of the information on learning available to actors in the political and economic spheres, and by strengthening the analytic base from which governments design and promote a policy and planning agenda for improved learning outcomes. Our ultimate outcome is to ensure that policies and strategies to improve learning outcomes are responsive to local educational needs and are politically and financially feasible.


Providing and giving access to information are the first steps to ensure the use of relevant information. This point is the most critical and requires information to be presented in forms that are accessible and relevant to the audience. To improve the quality of decision making, the information must be balanced, comprehensive and reliable. The Plan4Learning Portal’s focus on education planners and policy-makers as the main audience is because these actors conduct the analysis that feeds into the design of policy, plans, intervention choices, and ultimately implementation arrangements. The portal’s interfaces and information products aim to help education planners and policy makers make sense of the information and use the evidence to make decisions.

To ensure that we meet these aspirations, we need to hear from you. Please join us in the continued development of this portal. Let us know whether these resources meet your needs. Send us your ideas for issues to cover.


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