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e-Forum in Spanish on standardized assessment and improving learning outcomes




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As part of the activities of the IIEP Learning Portal, the IIEP-BA organized the e-Forum: "Standardized assessment and improving learning". This free event took place over five days in May and was delivered in Spanish.

The objectives of the event were to give the participants the opportunity to discuss the various uses of assessments in improving learning, to present innovative experiences in Latin America and to generate a forum for debate, with systematic adoption and update on the main areas of discussion.

Via the Virtual Campus ( the following activities were carried out:

  • Presentations by guest lecturers in simulcast.
  • Synchronous debate (chat/twitter) with lecturers.
  • Academic debating fora (asynchronous) with moderation by tutors.
  • Building of a (geo-localized) database by participants to record assessment experiences for improving learning in Latin America.
  • Organization and exploration of a digital resources repository.   

Find below our executive summary reports

. Standardized assessment and improving learning


eForum 2016 from IIPE Virtual on Vimeo.


Guest presenters

Francesc Pedró, Education Sector, UNESCO in Paris (France),
Atilio Pizarro, Section Chief for Planning, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, OREALC / UNESCO Santiago
Margarita Poggi, Director of the Buenos Aires office of the International Institute of Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO Buenos Aires)
Pedro Ravela, Professor of Philosophy and secondary education consultant for national and international bodies,
Sylvia Schmelkes del Valle, President of the Governing Board of the National Institute for Educational Evaluation (INEE) of Mexico.

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